This book unlocks simple but powerful strategies for winning on LinkedIn. Whether you are a seasoned LinkedIn pro or a green, LinkedIn newbie, this book is for you. My favourites were the 25 message templates which are jam-packed with instructions for when and how to use them.

Daniel Disney is the real deal; he has real followers, real successes, and is the number one influencer on LinkedIn. That stands him out from the LinkedIn crowd as the go-to expert. If you’re going to listen to one person on the subject of LinkedIn, make it him.

Better still, buy this book, read it on the plane/train/automobile (he has packed it with content, not waffle), and start applying it the moment you land.

Gavin Ingham - Founder of #IAM10 & Author of ‘Be More, Do More, Sell More

It’s rare that a book can connect with you as a friend, mentor you as a teacher, correct you as a parent, and encourage you as a colleague. This book does exactly that. Daniel’s informal voice and delivery make this book an easy read that you simply cannot put down.


Even as I read it, I knew I’d be referencing the content, templates, and how-to tactics over and over again; it will be front-and-center on my bookshelf.

Of particular note are the many templates that Daniel provides, along with the use-case instructions and explanations for each of them. Whether you’re a novice or an industry veteran, you WILL get immediate value from them, and you WILL be using them over and over again. This book is a must-read and a must-share.

Darryl Praill – CMO at VanillaSoft & Host of The INSIDE, Inside Sales Podcast

"The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message" is Daniel's first published book and is availble to buy on paperback and on Kindle via Amazon. The book will talk you through how Daniel opened the door to a £1,000,000 sale with one single well crafted LinkedIn message. The book also includes 25 other tried, tested and proven LinkedIn message templates as well, making this the ULTIMATE book for anyone using LinkedIn to sell and generate clients.